Next Generation Luminaries

Next Generation Luminaries

Unleash the Future of Lighting with Next Generation Luminaries from Pinnacle

At Pinnacle, we specialize in delivering top-of-the-line solutions for the production of state-of-the-art LED arrays. Our unwavering investment in Solid State Lighting (SSL) technology enables us to tackle the most demanding product development needs with ease. By partnering with Pinnacle, you can leverage our expertise and cutting-edge facilities to unlock a whole new level of potential for your LED products.

Experts In The Space

At Pinnacle, we have a wealth of experience in placing over 2 million LEDs per month on Metal-Clad, FR4, and Flex PCBs

With our recent acquisition of 3 state-of-the-art surface mount lines, specifically geared towards SSL, we are highly equipped to support the growth of your brand and meet your manufacturing needs.

SSL Projects

PCBA & Box Build
  • High Bay
  • Task
  • Tube Replacements
  • Specialty
    • Submersible
    • High Humidity Exposure
    • High Temperature Exposure
    • High Altitude Exposure

Design Support

Whether you are working on a new project or replacing an existing array with a custom design, Pinnacle can support your transition in a number of ways:

  • LED specification support
  • Schematic Creation
  • PCB Layout | Design | Gerber Creation
  • PCBA Prototyping & Testing
  • Enclosure Design & Selection
  • Enclosure Prototyping & Testing
  • Optic Selection | Prototyping | Testing

Equipment | Capabilities

Pinnacle is constantly updating production resources capabilities

  • One SMT Line Tooled for High Volume 4ft. Boards
  • Two XL SMT Lines (24in. x 18in. Panel Capacity)
  • SMT Placement Speed All Lines: 80k parts/hr
  • Screen Printers (BOC Correction and SPI)
  • SPI | AOI | X-ray
  • Custom SMT Nozzles for Complex LED Placement
  • Test Fixture Development (LED Specific)
  • Light Up & Burn-in Testing