World Class Electronics Manufacturing

Not Just a Manufacturer – But a Partner

You need a vendor you can trust to give you high-quality assembly, on-time delivery, and excellent customer service.

Choosing a new vendor isn’t easy. You deserve the assurance that the process is worthwhile and you’ll save the time and money you spend on delivery issues, communication problems, and quality concerns.

Pinnacle is here to provide peace of mind. We provide the high-quality manufacturing capabilities you need without shipping delays, poor communication, or supply chain issues.

World Class Electronics

Providing technology solutions with a personal touch. At competitive prices.

Manufacturing Capabilities

One of the benefits of working with Pinnacle is that you get best-in-class manufacturing capabilities and quality. Our team of experts can provide you with flexible, customized technology solutions for your specific project.

We have on-site design and prototyping capabilities, allowing us to create the exact parts you need for your business. We have experience in everything from circuit boards to medical training products. Contact us to start your project today!

  • Surface Mount Assembly
  • Through-Hole Assembly
  • Complete System Assembly
  • Potting & Conformal Coating
  • ICT & Functional Testing

Supply Chain Strategies

One of the main reasons delivery delays happen is that your vendor has problems with their supply chain. With Pinnacle, you can rest easy. Over the course of four decades, Pinnacle has built a global supply chain network you can rely on. We know quality is essential, which is why we only source the best components and materials. Whether you need plastic, metal, or other materials for your electronics, we are the partner you can depend on.

Quality Control

You need high-quality electronic parts on time, every time. Beyond our many certifications, ranging from ISO 9001:2008 to J-STD-001 IPC Class 3 Solder Training, we have also implemented automated workflows and documented customer satisfaction strategies that allow us to provide consistently high-quality electronics for our customers.

Grow With Us

Right now you might only need a few parts as you test a new concept. Over time, you might move into consistent manufacturing that requires higher orders, and eventually you might need a custom solution. Pinnacle is your partner at every stage through our LAUNCH, RISE, and ADVANCE programs.

It’s Not Our First Rodeo

Get the High-Quality Electronics You Deserve

Choosing Pinnacle as your manufacturing partner is the best way to avoid the frustration, worry, and anxiety you might be experiencing with other vendors. Our processes are designed with you in mind.