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Medical Training

With over four decades of experience in the medical training market, our respected medical branch has distinguished itself by using “Real Patient Data” to create a realistic learning experience. We foresee growth and innovative development branching into new markets by adding interactive products for various health education disciplines. If you have a problem that we could solve, or a new product idea, we would like to work with you on it. Simply submit your information using  the “Contact Us” form below, and we will be in touch within the next business day. Current training disciplines include:


  • Adult, Pediatric, Infant and Canine
  • Breath, Heart and Arrhythmias
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  • Adult, Pediatric, Infant and Canine
  • Heart and Arrhythmias
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  • AED Situational Training (Automated External Defibillator)
  • Cardiac and Airway Management Training Manikin
  • Auscultation Training Manikin
  • Blood Pressure Training Arm

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