Programs Designed for Success

Programs Designed for Success

More Than a Program – A Partnership

Begin your customer journey in one of our 3 Programs.

Start up companies requiring additional design and support services are the perfect fit. would be Existing companies that are small to mid-size or have products that are available but relatively new to market would be the target for Pinnacle Rise

Existing small to medium companies that have products that are currently available but relatively new to market would be the target for Pinnacle Rise.

Larger companies or existing products that have a place within the market but want to scale, redesign, or both would be ideal for Pinnacle Advance.

Pinnacle LAUNCH

Get Your Product to Market Faster

This dynamic program guides your new product from prototype all the way to production. Whether you’re a startup or product veteran, you’ll breeze through the prototyping and first run stages. Make it to market faster with Pinnacle LAUNCH!

In this stage we create prototypes and samples for your product launch. LAUNCH is ideal for start-ups, established businesses or current clients looking to develop and release a new product. We provide you with multiple quotes and you then choose the suppliers which best balance your price point and risk tolerance.

Pinnacle RISE

Grow with Your Brand

This flexible program grows with your brand to elevate your product’s potential, maximize your profit margins and master on-time delivery. It all starts with developing a unique strategy for each product entering its production life cycle. From there, Pinnacle manages an aggregate of products to maximize efficiencies across multiple assemblies.

Clients with established product(s) are the right fit for the Rise Program. Smaller clients that do not have buying power can benefit from Pinnacle’s supply chain relationships to get the best pricing and delivery terms. Clients with multiple builds can also take advantage of bulk component pricing.

Pinnacle ADVANCE

Creating Production Efficiencies For Established products and Businesses

At Pinnacle Technologies, we understand that even the most well-executed plan may require some fine-tuning. That’s why we developed Pinnacle ADVANCE, our program designed to help you take your business to the next level by collaborating with us to develop mutually beneficial strategies that consistently achieve your best results.

At this vital stage we collaborate to develop mutually beneficial strategies designed to consistently achieve your business objectives. ADVANCE is key for customers who want to partner to improve efficiencies in established products, move to electro-mechanical builds, and are looking for true collaboration.

Don’t just take our word for it...

Hear how Pinnacle Partnerships Helped other businesses Grow:

Jeff Matheny

I have been purchasing custom PCB boards from Pinnacle Technologies for the past 7 ½ years and view them more as a strategic partner than a vendor. Their pricing, on time delivery, quality, quick turn prototyping, and willingness to work with us to solve problems is a great fit for Wurtec as we continue to grow and expand our electronic product line.

Rus Sundholm

Pinnacle has been a superb manufacturing partner to Attero Tech. Their quality and responsiveness have enabled us to focus on our customers and grow our business.

Mike Shields, Jr

As my manufacturing partner for the past 11 years, I credit Pinnacle for helping me grow my business through supply chain efficiency and manufacturing quality.