Pinnacle Rise

Leveraging Partnerships To Grow Your Opportunities

This flexible program grows with your brand to elevate your product’s potential, maximize your profit margins and master on-time delivery. It all starts with developing a unique contract strategy for each product entering its production life cycle. From there, Pinnacle RISE manages an aggregate of products to maximize efficiencies across multiple assemblies.

Clients with established product(s) are the right fit for the Rise Program. Smaller clients that do not have buying power can benefit from Pinnacle’s supply chain relationships to get the best pricing and delivery terms. Clients with multiple builds can also take advantage of bulk component pricing.

Forecasting & Blanket Orders

Accurately forecasting new products is difficult and you cannot rely on vendors who do not deliver on time. Pinnacle will minimize the risk and put the odds of success back in YOUR favor.

  • Based on your 12-month forecast, Pinnacle will drive distribution channels for full EAU pricing at 1⁄2 EAU volume commitments.
  • You can place a 12-month blanket order based on 6-month forecast volumes, and we’ll prepare to expedite orders in as little as 7-10 business days.

Blanket Order Evaluation

After the first blanket order is completed, we conduct a re-evaluation:

  • If your original forecast was on target, you can simply place a new 12-month blanket order.
  • If you are over or under, we adjust the 12-month forecast and re-quote. You then place a modified 12-month blanket order.


Once we have a group of products satisfying stable blanket order, we begin the creation of an aggregate bucket of products. This further leverages economies-of-scale on components used across multiple assemblies. It is both simple and highly effective. A blanket order is placed based on a quote of all assemblies in the aggregate bucket. Each time a new assembly is added to your aggregate bucket, your efficiencies improve across all of your assemblies!