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Programs Designed for Success

Pinnacle LAUNCH

A dynamic program designed to deliver your new product to market faster, while minimizing your prototyping costs and material risk. Whether you are a startup or you are product veteran, taking a concept to production presents its fair share of challenges. Pinnacle LAUNCH was developed to mitigate the challenges in the prototyping and 1st run stages.


Pinnacle RISE

Elevate your products’ potential, profit margins and on-time delivery with a program designed to grow with you. Pinnacle RISE is a program focused first on developing a unique contract manufacturing strategy for each product entering its production lifecycle, then by managing an aggregate of products to maximize efficiencies across multiple assemblies.


Pinnacle ADVANCE

At this point the machine is running well. Neither Pinnacle nor Your Organization is perfect, but we might be perfect for each other! Pinnacle ADVANCE is more of a philosophy than a program: We share our challenges with one another and develop mutually beneficially strategies designed to thrive!